Kourtney Kardashian's Five Tips For Shopping Vintage

We obviously loved this Domaine article about Kourtney Kardashian's vintage shopping tips!

Sounds like the eldest KUWTK sis knows her stuff - what do you think?

1. Shop With a Trusted Consort “Bring someone to bounce things off of for a second opinion. I usually bring by best friend Joyce or second cousin CiCi. It’s important to shop with someone who knows your house and style. I’ve brought Scott vintage shopping before, and he’ll never come again; he really does not like it.”

2. Take Photos For Reference “If you know you love it, just buy it, because it could be gone. If you are on the fence, take tons of pictures. If you find yourself obsessing and thinking about it after, call immediately and put it on hold or have it delivered.”

3. Act On Impulse “I wish I was better at haggling, but I’m really not. If I don’t care about something, I can walk away from it. But if I want something, I’m no good at haggling because I’m so afraid I’ll lose it! Once, Khloe came with me and I said I’d get her the best deal. ‘$200 for these two marble lions? I’ll give you $180.’ They said no.”

4. Always Buy Good Mirrors “Is there such a thing as too many mirrors?”

5. Avoid These Three Vintage Don’ts

“Taxidermy: I’m not into it.”

“Lucite: Avoid vintage Lucite if it’s too beat up or scratched. It always looks best new.”

“Fixer-uppers: New paint or reupholstery are one thing, but if a piece needs too much work, like a new leg or a glass top, I know I’ll never get around to it.”


 (As seen on Domainehome.com)