We love the following outfit that Houston style blogger, Valerie Dittner, recently posted on her fashion blog, Adorn Yourself Accordingly. (It doesn't hurt that the skirt is a vintage YSL from our racks!)Take a peek and how cute she is and read her thoughts below on closet "basics" that aren't so "basic".
According to our own individual style, we all have what we would classify as "basics" in our closet. I bet we can all agree that a white shirtblack skirt and metallic sandals are all staples that we need, love and rely on. But those signature go-tos that may not be basics for others are what make our personal style unique. 
For me a turbanbright bag and oversized sunglasses are pieces that I rarely leave home without. And when I say "leave home" I mean anything that includes an overnight stay. Signature pieces define our personal style, are what express our individuality and tell the world we are one-of-a-kind. We can't have a well rounded outfit without our basics, but it's the not-so-basics that really complete the look. 
So, I shared a few of my not-so-basic basics...what are yours? I bet you've got some good ones! Hope you're having a week that is anything but basic! 
*For more from Valerie, check out her blog Adorn Yourself Accordingly.