Cheeky Girl Susan~

When asked "What's your fave vintage piece?" Susan responds "It's so difficult to choose - that's like asking which child is your favorite... All my pieces from Cheeky are SPECIAL!"
Susan takes care of our Earth by scooting about town in an fuel efficient Mini Cooper.  Suits her so well with her bubbly personality and charm.  Her charity of choice provides over one million dollars to Texas Children's Hospital each year with those funds originating from a resale shop of both used furniture and clothing! That deserves a big round of applause!
She hopes that all of her beautiful silk scarves will be worn by someone else as vintage in the future. "A scarf is an accessory that never goes out of style."  We couldn't agree more Susan, and you wear them so well~ A high-five to darling Susan for helping our planet in such a stylish way!
Photos by Lauren Anderson