Mayim Bialik is a "Cheeky Girl"


From left to right: Celebrity Stylist, Ali Kahn. Cheeky Co-owner, Tina Davis.

As Big Bang Theory fans will know, Mayim Bialik was recently nominated for an Emmy for her role as "Amy" in the best supporting actress category. (More about the nomination here.) Because we work with Mayim's stylist, Ali Kahn, this means we needed to get her a plethora of dresses! STAT! Emmy season, especially when your a nominee, means parties, events, and of course the Emmys themselves - all of which Mayim will need to look, well, not like Amy! =)

This week Cheeky co-owner, Tina Davis, lunched and hand delivered dresses to Ali in LA. (As seen above.) All of this to say, Mayim is officially now a "Cheeky Girl". Best of luck to her in the Emmy race! Bazinga!