Cheeky Vintage Gift Guide: How to Choose a Gift for that Special Person

We're laying it all out for you - all you have to do is give the gift of Cheeky!

From your closest group to your office friends, we've got gift ideas for whoever!

1. You know her style, but not her size. Looking for a gift that feels personal, but doesn't require you to somehow inconspicuously tape measure your friend? We've got a few suggestions: A scarf for the modern girl, a shawl for your friend that's always cozy, or a stole for the drama queen in your life. 
















2. For your mom, sister, OR sister from another mister. Jewelry is great for someone you're especially close with. She can always have you close with a necklace, ring, etc. Vintage friendship bracelets, anyone? Or maybe an over-the-top piece she wouldn't usually treat herself to.

3. Your work acquaintance. You're not that close, but you love giving gifts this time of year and want to spread some joy in the office. 

4. The BFF. You know her. You know what she needs. You know she just bought a new coat and needs a hat to match, or that she's looking to spice up her parlor with a Cheeky Heirloom. 


5. Your Special Someone. Another great opportunity to give jewelry! Might we also suggest one of our lovely designer handbags? They're one of a kind, just like her!  

6. LITERALLY ANYONE. A Cheeky Gift Card! They never expire and guarantee a fun day out and some fabulous new pieces.