The Fierce and Feathery: 2019's Now Neutral


We all know fashion is an ever-changing art form. Vintage clothing is a history book, telling stories of every previous fad, from colors to fabrics to silhouettes. Some trends fizzle out, some resurge, but others rise up as the timeless classics we love over and over again. Today's featured story from our vintage capsule, is one of those recurring staples: Animal Print

Evolution of animal print in history: 

50's animal print 

luxurious long coats with full animal print were a popular 50's trend! 

60's animal print:

Boxy silhouettes dominated the 60's, but animal print didn't get left behind! Luxurious furs would have been big as ensemble- finishing statements 

70's animal print 

A quintessential example of 70's animal print, this feather pattern blouse with a tie neck feature might have been paired with a high-waist flare pant. 

80's animal print 

Colors and a daring modular imitation cheetah print are examples of 80s does animal print


But how can we reclaim this historical motif in 2019? We don't simply discard it as a cliche - We reimagine this statement look as our newest neutral. 


The proof (and the fall fashion inspo!) is in the pictures: 

Street Wear: Coordinating golden tones

Cheeky Upcycled Silk Brocade Swing Jacket with everyday white ruffle top and tapered leopard print pants. 

Work Wear: Patterns on Patterns

Cheeky Upcycled Vintage Silk Statement Sleeve Blouse with Fitted Leopard Pant (Also works fabulously with animal print pencil skirt! )

This fall, we hope you'll take a page from our book and fearlessly rock your favorite this super fun trend!